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A significant part of our ministry in Street Evangelists UK is to confirm that we are not trying to make a breakaway movement.

We are here to bring people to Jesus and then encourage them to get into fellowship with other believers for further discipleship.

For the above reasons, we get alongside local  bible believing churches, by visiting them occasionally.

Wonderfully, some of the Pastors and members of their congregation join with us in street evangelism too.

Therefore it is a partnership in the unity of the Holy Spirit for the Glory of God.

The ministry of Street Evangelists UK is all about making the Gospel known to all and to bring as many as we can to Jesus.
We then advise new converts to build their relationship with Jesus by praying , reading the Bible, fellowshipping with other believers, and also by giving. We strongly advise all believers to be planted in a local church because it is crucial and beneficial to them and the church.

For us to know which church to direct new christians, it requires us to have some knowledge of the local churches.  We attain this knowledge by visiting local churches and try to partner with them so we can direct new believers or anybody else looking for a church.


We believe God blesses those bible believing churches that unite in the Gospel to reach out to the lost.

Johnny and Pastor Jonathan
Calvary Baptist Church
Peterborough UK
calvary baptist church.jpg
Pete and Elder Philip
Church of Pentecost UK
Peterborough Assembly
The Church of Pentecost.jpg
Pete and Femi..jpeg
Pete, Pastor Mario and Johnny
Jesus Reigns Ministries UK
Pete and Pastor Femi
Throne of Grace
Wisbech UK
Femi's Church.jpg
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