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We offer training to individuals or groups. This can be done by us visiting you in your location or you coming to us.


Typically this would be an hour or so of informal teaching , then followed by a couple of hours out on the street.


We supply the boards and Gospel tracts and the PA system for training purposes.


Most people are happy to wear boards and hand out tracts, and we give advice on how to share the Gospel with others.


Some may feel confident to speak on the PA system. We also give advice on the suppliers of resources.

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If you feel called to do street evangelism then we can help you get started. You must be a "born again" christian, because it is a work of the Holy Spirit. Our underlying motive is  "love for the lost."
We are here to assist you start up a new team in your area or you can join an existing team. Ideally teams should be two or more people.
Either you can join with us in one of our Outreach events or we can come to you, to do the training. We can teach the basics in about an hour then do two hours on the street. You can see and use our resources for the training. If you are concerned about dealing with difficult questions, again we can help. Be prepared for rejection, in all its forms .
But be encouraged. God is good. Rest assured,  this is a blessed ministry indeed. Please get in touch through our Contact Form


For any proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ or Biblical teaching/preaching on the streets, it's best to be aware of your legal rights.

We're providing a link below that will lead you to The Christian Institute UK website for further information for your legal rights to preach the good news.

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